GP ACR-9000

GP ACR-9000: Air Condition Management System

GP ACR-9000

GP ACR-9000 Prima Refrigerant recovery & recharging system will make the auto AC-service procedure expedient and fast.

  • To recover residual refrigerant in the vehicle AC system.
  • To vacuum the AC system of vehicle by vacuum pump.
  • To judge leakage of the AC system by observing the pressure gauge.
  • To eliminate moisture, acid medium and impurity in the pipeline.
  • To supply refrigerant oil into the AC system of vehicle.To recharge the system.
  • To accord with the environment safety standard and to reduce the cost of service.

GP-EBCD-6C Features

  • Compressor – Life Long
  • Dry Filter change after 50-60kgs
  • Vacuum can be changed manually – Default can be used for 15 min
  • Recharge time- 15-30 Sec only

GP-EBCD-6C Specifications

  • Application: Automotive
  • Refrigerant Tank Capacity: 10kg
  • Vacuum Pump Capacity: 2 stage @ 60Ltr/min.
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +55 degrees
  • Input Voltage: 230VAC

Application: All passenger cars, Mini trucks and Truck cabins using R134a refrigerant.

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