CX PRO Series Battery Chargers

Intelligent way of detecting charge

Midtronics Charge Xpress PRO Series Battery Chargers

Charge Xpress PRO Series Battery

Vehicle Battery Speciality Charger & Power Supply

Midtronics ChargeXpress PRO series chargers distinguish themselves from standard chargers by combining a battery charge mode with charge acceptance and battery conditioning in the power supply mode, It offers a clean, dependable power source for battery state-of-charge charging and maintenance, which significantly drains the vehicle battery.

The portable and convenient CX PRO is secure, quick, and effortless.The Charger can be used in a variety of applications because to its design, technical features, size, and weight specifications. The ChargeXpress PRO can be utilised anywhere, from the showroom to the diagnostic area and from the service area to the charging area. The charger comes with Intelligent charge acceptance detection with automatic charge refusal of faulty batteries, is saving time, energy and manpower.

ChargeXpress PRO Features

  • Broader applications and usability
  • Precision charging,
  • Programming and maintenance

ChargeXpress PRO 25 (CX-PRO 25) Technical Specification

  • Applications: 12 volts Lead Acid/Ca-Ca (Flooded), AGM/Spiral and GEL batteries for automotive, agricultural and marine.
  • Display: 1 Status LED, 4 Function LED’s
  • Cable length: 5m (ca. 15 ft), removable
  • Power requirements: 230 Volt AC - 50 Hz / 16A
  • Charge curves: Lead-Acid/Ca-Ca (Flooded), AGM/Spiral, GEL, Program/In-Service mode
  • Charging Amps: 25 A
  • Power output: 300W
  • Dimensions: 205 mm * 165 mm * 100 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Protection index: IP 23
  • Temperature range: -20°C – 45°C (-4°F – 113°F)
  • Hardware: Flash programmable
  • Volt sensing: In software/li>
  • Warranty: Midtronics standard 12 months
  • Content: Base unit, 1 removable charge cable of 5 meters mains lead and user manual

ChargeXpress PRO 50-2 (CX-PRO 50-2) Technical Specification

  • 12 volts Lead Acid/Ca-Ca (Flooded), AGM/Spiral and GEL batteries for automotive, heavy duty, agricultural and marine.
  • 24 volts heavy duty battery sets (2 x 12V)
  • Charging Amps 50A single channel 2x 25A dual channel
  • Power requirements: 230 Volt AC - 50Hz / 16A
  • Protection index IP 23
  • Dimensions: 300mm * 165mm * 100mm
  • Weight: 4.0kg Approx.
  • Jaguar LandroverJaguar Landrover
  • MercedesMercedes-Benz
  • MahindraMahindra & Mahindra
  • FordFord

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