Battery Management

Midtronics Advancing Battery Management

Midtronics Advancing Battery Management

Since pioneering a new standard in battery testers with conductance technology, Midtronics has remained singularly focused on battery management innovation.

Today, leading vehicle manufacturers, service centres, and battery retailers around the world trust Midtronics’ testing and charging equipment and complete battery management programs.

It’s not just because our products are the most reliable, accurate and powerful in the industry. It’s also because we’re always improving our technology to benefit their businesses. What began with our original conductance technology has evolved into productivity-enhancing electrical diagnostic tools, diagnostic charging systems and information management.

Midtronics continuously develops new technologies to address the challenges of complex modern-day vehicle systems, including changes in design of newer batteries, and as the electrification of the vehicle continues. Our new technologies provide the foundation for industry-leading battery testing and electrical system analysis and diagnostic tools, the exclusive choice of many leading vehicle manufacturers and service providers.

Advance Battery Management

Green Power: Energy Solutions

Green Power Energy Solutions

"Green Power", from 8 years has been a brand that comes with the latest Micro control/SMPS & more important its unique 3S Technology. The aesthetic look & compact design is more robust & user friendly.

"Green Power" is pioneered in Auto &, Motorcycle, Battery Charger and Jump Starters of various combination & is pleased to announce its recently launched Universal Smart Battery Charger.

"Green Power" is committed to meet the expectations of the customers by providing the best quality product with basket full of various battery service equipments including our latest Jump Starters & miscellaneous products with strong service support.

"Green Power" products are today approved by various OEMs & Battery Manufacturer & once the product is been tasted then it becomes as one of the preferred choice backed up with the strong after sales support.

Green Power Energy Solutions