Frequently Asked Questions

How GRX-3000 Diagnostic Charging Station could be beneficial to workshop operation?

Say a workshop is operating for 10 hours in a day.

Depending upon the footfall of cars per day coming to workshop each day, say per day a workshop is getting 20 cars per day, Out of which Battery related complaint is pertaining for say 7 cars. Old system 15 batteries to be put on charge for at least 12 to 48 hours.

Either the car will need to be kept in workshop for that many periods or service battery will need to be fitted to make the car go.

If a service battery is fitted then car is again needed to be called for a second trip to either fit a new battery in case if the battery is found to be defective after old method of charging or the same battery to be fitted after re-charging.


  • Leave the battery for recharging for 12 to 48 hours
  • Monitor the recharging process for that long period.
  • Manpower to Track Service Battery & customer after the fate of old battery is known while recharging process is completed.
  • Manpower to maintain the respective batteries of customer at the service station.
  • Maintain the liability of discharged/defective battery inventories at the workshop
  • To wait for the customer to arrive & only then the service battery is freed from him.
  • The above is proving to be disastrous at times when all the service Battery is stuck with the customer.

Cost to customer

Re-charging Cost, Service Battery Cost, At the cost of customer’s time.

Advantages with GRX-3000 Diagnostic Charging Station

  • No need to take out battery for connecting to charger, the trolley can be moved near car for recharging of battery
  • Just connect the cable clamps across the battery terminals & Put on the charger after plugging on.
  • Just select the Battery type/location & battery spec.
  • Firstly the charger will go into diagnostic mode to test the fate of the subject battery condition & state of health.
  • If the state of health is okay only then the diagnostic fast charge will proceed by default after firstly detecting the approximate time for re-charging.
  • Most of the batteries will be recharged within an hour time or lesser immaterial of the battery state of discharge.
  • There is an option fo r manual charging also.
  • The battery is so quickly charged in a diagnostically controlled method with the sensing of plate temperature vis a vis conductance thus battery is safe.
  • It act as a Power Supply unit during crucial programming application.

Cost to customer

Recharging cost with express service method. With the customer delight.


  • Time saved of customer & workshop operation
  • Accurate result of subject battery instantly
  • Enhances customer satisfaction & delight
  • Unwanted vehicles / batteries are not blocked at the workshop for battery recharging
  • Boost the day to day Battery sales business of workshops which can be substantial by instant & authentic results generated

Customer Gains

  • Confidence in Battery related service & replacement mechanism.
  • Prevents the customers long waiting period for knowing subject Battery fate
  • Prevents the customers from again making a trip to workshop to return the service battery

Worshop Gains

  • Avoids leaving of battery for recharging for 12 to 48 hours thus saving electricity cost.
  • Avoids monitoring recharging process for that long period which could be explosive as the gases evolved also contains some amount of Hydrogen.
  • Avoids manpower to Track Service Battery & customer after the fate of old battery is known while recharging process is completed.
  • Avoids manpower to maintain the respective batteries of customer at the service station.
  • Avoids maintaining the liability of discharged/defective battery inventories at the workshop.
  • Avoid workshop to wait for the customer to arrive & only then the service battery is freed from him.
  • At times being disastrous when all the service Battery is stuck with the customer.

So in case of getting 5 cars per day related to Battery problems will avoid maintaining a inventory of those many discharged batteries for re-charging period of 12 to 48 hours.

Avoids maintaining the record of 5 nos service batteries & its cumbersome tracking. Tendency of the customer moving to some other battery dealers for new battery thus we loose potential customers & battery business to competitors.

What are GRX 3000AP Advantages?

GRX 3000 Salient Features:

Midtronics Diagnostic Charging Technology

  • Dynamic Conductance for fast initial diagnostic
  • 30‐150amp load for verifying good batteries
  • Diagnostic Charging for quick elimination of non‐recoverable batteries and exposing hidden defects due to battery sit time

Intelligent charge acceptance detection with automatic charge refusal of faulty batteries, saves energy, money and manpower

  • Combines battery diagnostics with controlled fast charging capability
  • Capability to recover and condition batteries prior to vehicle delivery to minimize early life failures and improve customer service
  • Advanced defect recognition for recognizing the difference between battery failure modes vs. customer abuse
  • Quickly and safely solve every customer battery problem on the first visit
  • Diagnostic Charging Cycle for up to 5 minutes to eliminate additional replace batteries and calculate recovery time required for good batteries
  • Time to Charge Mode: Calculate and display time needed to fully charge battery. If charge time exceeds predetermined max charge time, charger will prompt the user
  • Estimated charging time on the basis of 1) type of batteries (flooded, AGM, Gel, etc), 2) battery size and 3) battery state of charge.
  • Once charging session starts, from/to estimated times and countdown starts from there.
  • Appropriate charging time for AGM or Gel technology to avoid potential gas or explosion.
  • Deep discharged batteries charging time could be more than one hour. However, if the battery needs to be replaced, the decision would be made in much less time.

Custom Benefits:

  • Customizable graphics & rugged housing
  • Large blue lighted graphic display, numeric keypad entry, and icon based user interface
  • Charging cable dual integrated temperature sensor improves safety and diagnostic charging capabilities
  • 12v Charging
  • Ethernet/USB/SD card communication for field upgrades , data collection and direct network connection
  • Management counters for store test tracking
  • Self‐diagnostics incorporated into charger programming
  • Print function at the end of final test/charge cycle to provide to customer

Large Graphical display

Large Graphical Display

BMIS: Battery Management Information System

The GRX 3000 AP can be integrated to the enterprising solution program BMIS for the following benefits:

BMIS: Battery Management Information System

Warranty Management

  • Improved compliance through process management and enforcement
  • Inventory management of batteries/vehicles at dealer
  • Warranty lookup
  • Continual improvement opportunities based on real experience information
  • Vehicle lifecycle history information

Preventative Maintenance

  • Increase Battery Sales
  • Drive more testing by creating management tool for level of testing

Asset Management

  • Track all tools in the field, generate visibility to non-functional equipment
  • Equipment usage information
  • Software Update Management service

Customer Service

  • Vehicle history information available to dealer to improve customer service experience
  • Data for a specific vehicle – used for problem vehicles