GP-EAC-3P EV Slow Charging Station

GP-EAC-3P EV Slow Charging Station


Model: GP-EAC-3P EV

The GP-EAC unit is a 3-phase AC charging station with 3 ports, which enables 3 vehicles to be connected simultaneously. It is meant for 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles. It can be used for EVs at home or for commercial use.

GP-EAC-3P EV Charging Station Features

  • Compliant with Bharat EV Charging Standards
  • Number of Outputs: 3, 230V -15A single phase each
  • IEC 60309 based charging connectors
  • Cloud Interface Compliance with OCPP 1.5
  • Metering using certified Energy Meter for compliance with Indian Standards
  • RFID based user access system for faster authentication
  • GS based (3G) cloud interface
  • Large 7-inch Touch Screen display for a straight forward user experience
  • User-end mobile application to book charging and do transactions
  • Ingress protection category: IP-54

GP-EAC-3P EV Charging Station Technical Specifications:

  • AC Supply: 3 Phase 5 Wire
  • Voltage Range: 415 +6% /-10%
  • Frequency: 50Hx +/- 1.5Hz
  • No of Output: One each phase
  • Single Phase 230v: 230 (+6%, -10%)
  • IEC 60309 chargin Sockets for each output: 3
  • Touch safe Female Connector: 3
  • Output Current: 15A Each Phase
  • RCD 3 Phase +N Current less than 30mA: 3 Pole + Neutral Disconnect
  • Output over Current protection: 15A Each Phase MCB
  • Over Tempearture: 80 (+/- 5 deg)
  • Emergency Shop: Disconnect AC Power

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