Midtronics DCA-8000: Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System

DCA-8000 Diagnostic Charging System

Using the built in 300A (optional 500A) load, DCA-8000 mimics a start event and then charges the battery to verify the battery can support advanced vehicle system applications like start-stop. This enables DCA-8000 to more accurately judge true battery condition.

  • Increased accuracy
  • Faster speed to decision
  • Improved user experience and other functional benefits
  • Jump Start option for breakdown vehicles

DCA-8000 Features

  • 5” color touchscreen:More information and graphics on screen and consistency with DSS-5000 reduces training needs and improves the service experience
  • New Midtronics User Interface design:Consistent look and feel across Midtronics equipment (i.e. DSS-5000), minimizing training needs
  • Simple functional flow: Fewer screens, steps, and potential confusion points for the technician
  • Dual temperature sensors: Improved temperature accuracy and cold battery detection
  • Cart design: Large back wheels, pivoting front casters, and a full range push handle improve mobility in the shop environment

DCA-8000 Specifications

  • Applications: Automotive, Power Sport, Marine
  • Supported Battery Types: 6- and 12-volt batteries, Flooded Lead Acid, AGM Spiral & Gel, Enhanced Flooded (EFB),12- and 24-volt charging systems
  • Diagnostic Technology: Dynamic Charge Acceptance, Conductance Profiling, Enhanced Battery Temperature, Cold Battery Diagnostic Charging.
  • Communication: Wi-Fi communications & Bluetooth
  • Input Voltage, 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 12A Max
  • Output, 12V DC, 70A

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