Our Network

Connect Pan India

Our Pan India network covers almost all regions. Welcome to a our world of focused on making our customers more efficient and competitive.

Head Office

Designation Email Id
Sr. General Manager-Sales & Operation rahul.g@appleenergy.in
Head - Application & Service Sales hod.service@appleenergy.in
Head- Commercial ho.sales@appleenergy.in
Head- Accounts info@appleenergy.in
Head- HR & Admin admin@appleenergy.in
Head- DC Power Service dcpowerhead@appleenergy.in
Midtronics Service midtronics@appleenergy.in
Head - Logistics logistic@appleenergy.in
Sales Co-ordinator marketing@appleenergy.in
Service Co-Ordinator service@appleenergy.in
Field Service support@appleenergy.in
Lubricants lubes@appleenergy.in

Regional Network

Designation Region Email Id
Business Manager West & South bm.sales@appleenergy.in
Business Manager North delhi@appleenergy.in
Regional Service South chennai@appleenergy.in
Regional Service Central lucknow@appleenergy.in
State Head Odisha odisha@appleenergy.in
State Head Gujarat gujarat@appleenergy.in
State Head Punjab punjab@appleenergy.in
Business Manager East kolkatta@appleenergy.in
Business Manager North fa.business@appleenergy.in
Field Service Hyderabad hyderabad@appleenergy.in