xMB 9640 High-Voltage Module Balancer

xMB 9640 Module Balancer

Midtronics Module Balancer

The demand for high-voltage battery packs and longer range battery capacity will keep increasing as the market acceptance of EV/HEV vehicles grows. With the xMB-9640, shops can safely and accurately accomplish the majority of module service in a single workday, giving them a strong competitive service edge. The xMB-9640 supports both full battery pack servicing and module-level service, Simplifies service, controls manufacturer warranty costs, decreases repair time. xMB-9640 High-Voltage Module Balancer enables technicians to rapidly, effectively, and safely execute module-level balancing of EV and HEV batteries.

A better customer experience is made possible by balancing battery pack modules to ensure optimal pack performance, securely and efficiently charging or discharging individual modules to align the pack. Easy to use interface, on-screen prompts that guide accurate service, and a small footprint that increases shop mobility

xMB 9640 Features

  • Up to 96Vdc; 40 amps max
  • 5-inch color touchscreen and easy-to-use icon-based user menu
  • Automatic cable and module detection
  • Option to operate using either touch-screen or keypad
  • Cell voltage and temperature monitoring
  • CAN communication
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication

xMB 9640 Technical Specifications

  • Power: Input: 100 – 240 , 50/60 Hz; 12A max,
  • Output: 48 V , 40A
  • 96 V, 20A.
  • Charge Cables: 2m.
  • Applications : Automotive
  • Module Chemistries: Lithium ion
  • Operating Parameters: Input Voltage: 100 – 240 , 50/60 Hz; 12A max.
  • Output: 48 V , 40A :96 V, 20A
  • Humidity: 15% to 85% R.H., non-condensing
  • Connectivity : USB 2.0 connection, CAN bus interface
  • Dimensions : 44 CM (L) X 43.5 CM (W) X 23 CM (H)
  • Protection Features: Reverse polarity
  • Temperature: Operating temperature range: 0°C to +50°C
  • Storage temperature range: -10°C to + 85°C.
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Weight: 17,84 KG ~

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