Battery Information System (BIS)

Battery Information System

BIS automatically captures every battery test done by DSS-7000 and many more devices. This transfer of data between DSS to BIS is a seamless interface. To understand the flow of data from Diagnostic device/ mobile app to BIS please follow the image.

Procedure to transfer data from DSS-7000 mobile app to BIS:

  • Connect Diagnostic device to mobile App.
  • Follow the entire test procedure, the data of the tested battery automatically gets uploaded on the BIS software system.
  • Data of the test can be seen in the test page of the BIS system as shown in the figure.

BIS Features

  • Digital Battery Management
  • Batch wise failure analysis
  • Test history in realtime in anytime
  • Automatic bad batteries
  • Model failure rate
  • Geographic analysis
  • User wise analysis
  • Failure Rate analysis
  • Tester Management
  • Dealer Battery Test analysis

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