GP-EBCD-6C Battery Discharger


GP-EBCD-6C Battery Discharger

This instrument is used to detect the volume of the storage battery precisely. It can restore the sulfuration storage batteries through alternating pulse.

GP-EBCD-6C Features

  • Contains 5 Grades charging discharging options
  • Microcontroller based auto controlled design
  • Cooling time of about 1-4 hrs during CDC mode
  • 6 Six channels with separate individual operation
  • Show remaining AH display after discharging in CDC mode
  • Charging profile display after cycle completion
  • Charging current: 1.7A, 2A, 2. 8A, 3.4A, 4.5A (5 Grades)
  • Discharging current: 6A,7A, l OA, 12A,10.6A (5 Grades)

GP-EBCD-6C Specifications

  • Application: E-Bike
  • Supported Battery Type 12V Batteries: Gel
  • Input Voltage: 220V ± 20%

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