GP-BMM-2L Electrical Brake Bleeder

GP BMM-2L Electrical Brake Bleeder Borchure

GP BMM-2L Electrical Brake Bleeder
GP BMM-2L Electrical Brake Bleeder
GP BMM-2L Electrical Brake Bleeder

Green Power BMM-2L Brake Bleeder is a Brake Oil Changing Machine with the help of Italian Pumps of best quality for suction as well as for Bleeding. The actual Bleeding Pressure will be visible on Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge. The Pressure Adjuster provided for setting Pressure at the time of Brake Oil Filling in Vehicle. Brake Oil Caps of different sizes provided for fixing at Brake Oil cup for bleeding. Brake bleeding is the procedure performed on brake systems whereby the brake lines are purged of any air bubbles. This is necessary because, while the brake fluid is an incompressible liquid, air bubbles are compressible gas and their presence in the brake system greatly reduces the hydraulic pressure that can be developed within the system. 

GP BMM-2L Main Features

  • Machine is suitable for all type of vehicles that have brake systems It can suck waste oil from brake oil filling container.
  • There are separate Tanks for waste oil and fresh oil.
  • Brake Bleeding is done on a pressure of 1.5 bar {Approx.)
  • Heavy duty Italian pumps and Regulators provided for fine operation Heavy duty castor wheels given for mobility.

GP BMM-2L Electrical Brake Bleeder Technical Specification

  • Height: 1050mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Depth: 350mm
  • Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Power During Operations: Max 18VA
  • Maximum Filling Pressure: 6.0bar
  • Hoses Length: 3 Metres
  • Supply Connection: Aluminium Brake Oil Caps
  • Temperature Range: -20 Deg C to +70 Deg C

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