GP-EBB-5L Electrical Brake Bleeder


Model: GP-EBB-5L

GP-EBB-5L Features

  • Machine is suitable for all type of vehicles that have brake systems It can suck waste oil from brake oil filling container
  • There are separate Tanks for waste oil and fresh oil
  • Brake Bleeding is done on a pressure of 1.5 bar {Approx.)
  • Heavy duty Italian pumps and Regulators provided for fine operation
  • Heavy duty castor wheels given for mobility

GP-EBB-5L Specifications:

  • Brake Bleeding Pipe length- 4m
  • High pressure Diaphragm Pump max pressure 8 bar
  • Fresh oil tank capacity 5L
  • Waste oil tank capacity 1L
  • Suction pump capacity 2ltr/min
  • Regulator for holding pressure to check leakage
  • Oil filter capacity 100 bleeding
  • Storage space for connector and other tools
  • Weight 20 kg approx.

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