Spark Plug tester and Cleaner

GP-SPTC: Spark Plug tester and Cleaner

The Green Power spark plug cleaner and tester unit consists of one sand blast unit for cleaning the plugs and one electrical testing unit for testing the plugs under higher voltage and higher compression. As the testing unit checks the plug at the high ignition voltage and at appropriate air compression faulty plug are identified and can be eliminated.

GP-SPTC Features

  • Separate plug cleaning chamber consisting of an abrasive system connected to Double acting valve for blasting and subsequent cleaning to remove the abrasive and dust.
  • Different rubber adopters provided for cleaning plugs of 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm and 18 mm sizes.
  • Twin testing chamber connected to the compressed air system for charging the chamber with the necessary control device.
  • Pressure Regulator is provided for reducing any excess air and releasing pressure in the chamber.


GP-SPTC Technical Specification

  • Application: Motorcycle
  • Working Pressure: 7-10 kgf/cm
  • Ignition Coil: 12V / 12 KV
  • Driven Type: Electric
  • Weight: -12 Kg
  • Input Voltage: 230VAC

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